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Theme Song:
Personality: (Optional)
History: (Optional)

Dragon Species

Rainbow: The rarest of all dragons, the rainbows are naturally friendly to others, and are almost always happy. It's extremely rare to find a rainbow mad, if one is, it gets over whatever it is and goes back to it's happy and friendly nature. Their scales consist of all the colors in a rainbow.

Air: The only dragons other than Water dragons, who do not have wings. They fly around without them and are the fastest species. They have long serpent-like bodies and are Silver, Green, and blue.

Electric: Yellow or golden dragons who store electricity within their bodies. Like the fire dragons, they are fearless in personality.

Shadow: The only black colored dragons who vanish into the shadows easily, as well as controls them. They don't trust others easily, even if thy're the same species.

Neutral: Dragons with no powers or specific species- a mix breed between two species. Can be of any color and are extremely common.

Fire: These dragons are the masters of fire, and their scales are warm colors such as Red or Orange. Always have a brave personality and easily pick fights.

Water: The only dragons other then Air, without wings. They are the greatest swimmers and control water. Often a light blue, gray, and sometimes silver. These dragons are often fighting over water with the other species, saying that the water belongs to them only because they are the only species able to swim.

Ice: These dragons are completely white when they are born, and over time become gray. They are the masters of ice. They are very calm dragons.

Earth: Earth dragons are green and brown. They are always looking after the land and are friendly, but you wouldn't want these dragons to loose their temper because of their ability to control the element earth.

Rainbow Dragons:
Air Dragons:
Electric Dragons:
Shadow Dragons:
Neutral Dragons:
Fire Dragons:
Water Dragons:
Ice Dragons:
Earth Dragons:

Name: Cheyenne
Gender: Female
Species: Shadow Dragon
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Hatchlings: None Yet
Theme Song: Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan
Other: None
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