A twelve-year-old murderer (Writing contest)

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A twelve-year-old murderer (Writing contest) Empty A twelve-year-old murderer (Writing contest)

Post  reeniebear99 on Fri Dec 09, 2011 5:55 pm

“N-no, stop, I-I’m b-begging you..!”
“Shut up, useless slave!”

Alia was thrown against the counter of the kitchen, roughly pressed against it by her foster father. Tears of pain and fear rolled down her red cheeks and she forced her eyes open as the cruel man tried to take her clothes off.

There, glinting slightly in the sunlight the window let in, a knife. She had no choices left; She was done. She grabbed it and pushed against her father with all the strength she had, knocking him off. She turned and stared coldly at the surprised man that was sitting on the ground, looking up at her.

Alia raised the knife over her head and her foster father;s eyes widened in horror.

“From one sinner to another...” she said, lowly and darkly, “I’ll see you in hell.”

Alia couldn’t quite believe she’d just murdered both her parents. she’d broken down, crying, but now that she thought about it... they deserved it. They deserved to die. With that in mind, something inside her clicked. She gripped her knife tightly and folded it shut, pushing it into her pocket.

Her new weapon was now an orange pocket-knife. She burned her parents bodies in the backyard and buried the remaining ashes. Their would be no prof of what she’d done. After the job was done, she walked to the alleys, where all her friends were. she had new plans for this place and no one would stop her.

After killing the pack leader of the stray dogs and already being the leader of the cats, the alleys were soon hers to control. The dogs would bring back anyone who dared to enter the dark pathways, killing anyone who dared try to deny her ability. She only allowed very few people to live to see the light of day again.

Alia had grown cold and her eyes turned from a gentle hazel to a hateful emerald color. Stains of crimson dirtied her clothes, but she didn’t care. She’d gotten a craving for blood and wished to hear the pain-filled screams of others. She was fully enjoying herself in this new style of life.

It was only a matter of time until she’d take complete control over all of London. Time and power. She would not fail in righting the wrongs of this twisted world. After all... the only people she has and will kill are sinners who she will face in hell.

Alia thought of herself as the embodiment of wrath. Intentions pure, actions dirty.

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