The Other Side of War

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The Other Side of War Empty The Other Side of War

Post  Dreadpath on Tue Nov 29, 2011 7:10 pm


Long ago, in a kingdom not known to most...
There was a story, told down from generation to genertation...
"There will be a child, born as a werewolf. This child will change everything about us...about the war. They will be one of the most beautiful or handsome person who ever lived, ever ruled."
Nobody knew that this child would be Aven, 'the princess born with white', as the people call her. Now, Aven was supposed to marry the strongest man in the village, but she hated him. This man has killed more wolves than everybody, exactly the reason she did hate him. He had good intensions, after all the perople and wolves were at war. She insits and begs her parents to choose somebody else, but they refuse. One night, she escaped to the wolf pack to discover that she was the destined one to end the war, the werewolf princess. Nobody knows about her being the werewolf that would end the war and brings peace between the wolves and the humans. She fell in love with one of the wolves, the Beta Male of the pack.

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