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Angels of Darkness


Darkness engulfed the forest and thunder boomed overhead. Lighting flashed, illuminated the forest for a few seconds before darkness overpowered the light again. Rain poured down hard as metors fell down from the sky. Two figures could be seen up high on the cliff.
"Hold on!" The voice was barley heard because of the thunder.
"No, I can't..." Another voice whispered into the darkness. "...hold on..."
Lightning flashed again, only to see one of the figures loose grip from the cliff side and slowly fall.
"No!" cried the voice again, and this time you could tell the figure was a female. "..." Nothing else was heard other than sobbing. One meteor crashed into the cliff side, leaving the female figure to fall with the crumbling cliff. "...I'm coming...I promise..." She whispered as lightning flash once more.

Chapter 1
Playful Enemies

"Razor!" Came a giggle as a black and white wolf pup came out from the ferns, knocking over a fox kit.
"Ow! Mist, that hurt!" Razor growled, rubbing his head with his paw.
"Sorry Razor, I was just playing...It wasn't meant to hurt..." Mist lowered her ears and cautiously walked closer to him and gave him a friendly lick on the head.
Rrazor looked up at Mist with a smile. "Alright, forgiven." He barked, wagging his tail slightly as he leaped up above her, and landed silently behind Mist. "Catch me if you can!" He barked, running off.
Mist chased after her fox friend, yipping exitedly. "Tag!" She yipped, "You're it Razor!" She turned away, leaping in great bounds in the opposite direction.
Razor crouched, then jumped after her. He caught up to Mist easily, and the two ran side-by-side together happily. "We'll be friends forever, right?" Mist asked him.
The black and white fox nodded to the she-wolf's question. "Forever." Razor barked with a smile.
Meanwhile a large black and white cat watched the two play. "Hmph, kids. They'll learn in time that friendship doesn't last forever. They will be in training soon, with their own kind. They will have to learn and master their battle and hunting skills if they wish to survive here." He twitched his whiskers and sniffed the air. "For now, they can be friends. But one day, they will meet in war, and their friendship will be over!" The cats' eyes flashed to a pirecing white as large black wings sprouted from his sides. "We are the Angels of Darkness, protecting and serving our kind, and fight the other species for survival." He hissed loudly, his shadowy wings beat faster and harder as he rose into the air, watching the fox and wol play. Anger shown in his eyes as they narrowed, eyeing the two.
Razor flicked his ears, looking up at the cat. "Mist...hey, Mist..." He whipered, coming to a sudden stop.
Mist slowed down. "What is it?" She barked.
"Look, up there!" He whispered.
Mist looked upwards at the angry cat. "Ugh, why are the trained fighters always watching us like that?" She snarled, pawing at the dirt in rage. "It's not like we did anything wrong!" Then it came to her, all those stories about the wars. "We are doing something wrong...We're friends. That's not what's supposed to happen. You've heard the stories, right? About the Dark Angels?" She asked Razor with a shudder.
"Yeah, I have...I guess your right..." He barked sadly, looking at his paws.
"Don't worry, I have an idea. We can escape!" Mist yipped excitedly as the cat flew away.
"...But how?" Razor asked sadly. "...There's no way! There's guards everywhere. Nobody have ever escaped before!" He gasped, his eyes wide.
"...I guess we'll have to change that, now, won't we?" A sly smirk spread across her face as she laughed madly.

(I may write more of this, if you like it.)

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