Yes, the admin is making a cat! *shock* :p

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Yes, the admin is making a cat! *shock* :p Empty Yes, the admin is making a cat! *shock* :p

Post  reeniebear99 on Tue May 17, 2011 8:05 pm

Name: Smoothpaw
Gender: she-cat
clan: Thunderclan
look: Light grey fur and amber eyes.
Personality: Kind and loving. Don't become her enemy or you will regret it!

History (unneeded): nothin' here!
Other: has an anger outburst every day.
Rp sample: Smoothpaw walked out of the apprentice's den yawning. " i don't want to do anything today!" she whined. she padded over to the fresh kill pile and ate a mouse. " I'm going to go hunting!" she yelled and left the camp.

Well... i have to aprove myself so... Approved! yayz!!!

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